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Updates:Awareness Generation programme on rights of PWD's

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Velugu Society

Inspiring Velugu Community

Velugu Society is a community of children, teachers and caregivers in Madanapalle, Andhra Pradesh, India. The children are truly special. It doesn’t matter if their bodies are disobedient, and the mind is differently abled. They try, they achieve! In every way our children are full of ‘velugu’, which is another word for ‘light’. You have to see them. In the same campus is a home for women seniors, fifty of them, wonderful testimonies to the human spirit. We have learnt from them how to have courage and forbearance in adversity.



Oldage Women

Velugu Special School

School for Intellectually Disabled Children

Velugu Society, nestled in Madanapalle, Andhra Pradesh, is a haven for special children, teachers, and caregivers. Despite physical challenges, our children radiate 'velugu' (light), showcasing determination and achievement. Visit Us : #12-2, Aamicheruvu, Kadiri Road, Kollabylu Rural, Madanapalle, Andhra Pradesh 517325

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Special School

Empowering intellectually disabled children through free education, fostering growth, inclusion, and a brighter future filled with possibilities.


Free food & Shelter

"Velugu Special School: Offering free food and shelter, nurturing children in need, ensuring a compassionate and secure environment for growth."


Skill Development Training

"Empowering through skill development, unlocking potential, and fostering independence for a brighter future in inclusivity and capability."


Home for Aged women

"Velugu Society offers a free and caring home for aged women, fostering a supportive environment where they find comfort and companionship."

"Our Dedicated Team and Trustees"

"Guiding Velugu Society Towards a Brighter Tomorrow"

Led by passionate professionals and caring educators, our team is dedicated to fostering growth, learning, and empowerment for all members of Velugu Society. From teachers who go above and beyond to caregivers who provide unwavering support, each member contributes to the unique spirit of our community.


Success Stories, To Know About Velugu

"Voices of Gratitude: Discover What Our Community Says About Velugu's Impact, Empowerment, and the Transformative Journey."

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