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Our organization has the following educated and experienced persons who have been giving exemplary service, much beyond their expected role.

Ms. P. LEENA KUMARI, M.A., D.Ed ( SE – MR)

Principal of our Special Education Institute, working with us for the past 17 years. A warm and sympathetic personality, she has a very special relationship with each of our special children.

Ms.Swapna,, Diploma in Special Education (D.M.R)

With us for the past 14 years, she pays special care to the M.R. Children.

Ms. S. Radhamma, B.Sc, Special B.Ed ( M.R)

Deeply committed to her work, and as a parent, sensitive to needs of special children. She has been with us for the past 8 years, focusing more on M.R. Children.

Ms. R. Bhagya Lakshmi, Special D.Ed, SE (M.R)

In her 7 years with the school, she has been giving great importance to motivating the younger M.R Children, to their enormous benefit.

Ms. B. Arunamma, B.A., Special D.Ed (M.R)

With us for the past 7 years, she pays special care to the slow learners among M.R. Children.

Ms. M. Jayanthi, B.Sc., Special D.Ed (M.R)

For the past 6 years she has been working for the steady progress of primary class M.R. Children.

Ms. K. Suguna, D.Ed , (Special M.R)

Working devotedly for the promotion of academic interest in our M.R. Children for the past 4 years.

Ms. Sudha Rani, Diploma in Vocational Courses

With us for 15 years. Plans different and useful vocational training courses benefiting special children as suitable income generating activities and prepares the course program and schedules.

Ms. K. Kalavathi, B.A. Special B.Ed ( H.I.)

With us for 16 years. A devoted teacher, she takes a lot of initiative in planning the curriculum and classes for H.I children, and promoting their educational progress.

Ms. R. Hemalatha, B.A. Special B.Ed ( H.I.)

With us for 6 years as a devoted teacher. Takes good interest in planning and conducting classes, and promoting the educational interest of H.I. Children.

Ms. G. Rama Devi. B.Sc, B.Ed.

With us for 4 years. Working diligently to help H.I. Children from the primary and secondary level.

Ms. J. Rama Devi, B.A., B.Ed.

Proficient in computer education and skills, she has been conducting classes / courses in computer education for H.I. children since 5 years.

Ms. M. Padmavathi, Nurse

A qualified, experienced nurse, who has been of great service to our special children for the past 14 years. Administers first aid and assists visiting medical professionals in all health checkups. She is also a victim of disabilities.

Ms. Varalakshmi

C.B.R ( Community Based Rehabilitation) worker, with us for the past 15 years. A talented woman, she plan and conducts skills promotion classes /courses in dyeing & block printing of cloth. Has motivated and capacitated a good number of special children in the craft. Despite being affected by polio, she displays boundless energy.

Ms. Vijaya Kumari, B.A.

A parent and devoted teacher, she has been with the organization for the past 4 years as Assistant teacher (M.R) Pre Primary Class.

Mr. Narasimhulu, B.A. B.Ed. –

A parent and H.I teacher, he has an excellent rapport with H.I children. With the organization for past 3 years.

Other Staff & employees.

Ms. Anupama – Teaching Assistant

Ms. Sujatha – Trained Physiotherapy Assistant

Ms. K. Vasundhara –Parent and special Educator

Mr. Venkatesh – Experienced Accountant, with our organization since 10 years.

Ms. B.Sasirekha  – Asst. Teacher

Mr. B.Maheshwar Naik  – Asst. Teacher

Mr. M.Bhaskar Naik – Asst. Teacher

Mr. V.Siva Sankar   – Yoga cum PET Master

Part Time Staff .

Mr. Dr. D.S.Kiran kumar – Speech Therapist

Mr. M.Sudhakar –  Clinical Psychologist

Mr. Dr. Gopi Krishna –  Medical Doctor

Mr. Dr. Harishnaveen  – Physiotherapist

For More Details follow the link :- Velugu – Staff Details

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