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Our organization has the following educated and experienced persons who have been giving exemplary service, much beyond their expected role.

“Deendayal Disabled Rehabilitation Scheme (DDRS)”

Our Teaching Staff

Ms. P. LEENA KUMARI, M.A., D.Ed ( SE – MR)
Principal of our Special Education Institute, working with us for the past 21 years. A warm and sympathetic personality, she has a very special relationship with each of our special children.

Ms. S. Radhamma, B.Sc, Special B.Ed ( M.R)
Deeply committed to her work, and as a parent, sensitive to needs of special children. She has been with us for the past 10 years, focusing more on Divyangjan (IDC) Children.

Ms. B. Arunamma, B.A., Special D.Ed (M.R)
With us for the past 9 years, she pays special care to the slow learners among Divyangjan (IDC) Children.

Ms. M. Jayanthi, B.Sc., Special B.Ed (M.R)
For the past 8 years she has been working for the steady progress of primary class M.R. Children.

Ms. J.N. Vijaya Kumari, B.A. Special B.Ed (M.R)
A parent and devoted teacher, she has been with the organization for the past 9 years as Assistant teacher Divyangjan (IDC) Pre Primary Class.

Ms. K. Kalavathi, B.A. Special B.Ed ( H.I & MR)
With us for 10 years. A devoted teacher, she takes a lot of initiative in planning the curriculum and classes for Divyangjan (IDC) & HI children, and promoting their educational progress.

Ms. M.Shanthamma, Intermediate, Special D.Ed ( M.R.)
With us for 4 years. A devoted teacher

Ms. K.Aisha , MBA, Special B.Ed (M.R)
With us for 4 years. Graduated in MBA & Special B.Ed for MR /She has been conducting classes for Divyangjan (IDC) Children.

Ms. J. Rama Devi, B.A., B.Ed.
Proficient in computer education and skills, she has been conducting classes / courses in computer education for H.I.& Divyangjan (IDC) children since 9 years.

Ms. G. Rama Devi. B.Sc, B.Ed.
With us for 9 years. Working diligently to help H.I. & Divyangjan (IDC) Children from the primary and secondary level.

Mr.M.Govindnaik ,MA, B.Ed (M.R)
With us for 6 years. Graduated with M.A.+ General B.Ed Dedicated for

Ms. K. Vasundharamma –Parent and Qualification B.A
A parent and H.I teacher, he has an excellent rapport with Divyangjan (IDC) children. With the organization for past 8 years.

Mr. Y.L.Narasimhulu Naidu, B.A. B.Ed. –
He is taking care of Divyangjan (IDC) & H.I children for past 9 years

E. Peddavenkata Ramanamma. –
Graduated with B.Com, Working with us since 3 years as a Asst Faculty for Divyangjan (IDC) Children

R. Sreeja –
Graduated with B.Com,B.Ed, Working with us since 3 years

Lepakshi Farman Ali –
Working as Yoga Therapist for our children

M. Sweety –
Graduated with B.Tech, Working with us since 3 years

Part Time Staff .

Dr. T. Pavan Kumar, –  Medical Doctor

Mr. D. Samuel Kiran Kumar – Speech Therapist

Mr. Obula Reddy Venkateswara Reddy –  Clinical Psychologist

Mr. K. Murali – Physiotherapist

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