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Velugu follows a holistic approach to education, taking equal care of the mental as well as physical well being. We balance activities across the schoolroom, playground, and other spaces. Since each special child needs to be taught in a special way, the learning is tuned and shaped according to individual abilities.

Above everything, education is imparted in the right spirit, with care, respect and love. The teacher is much more than an educator, she or he is a guardian and, often in the child’s eyes, a surrogate parent.

While an environment of wholesome competition needs to be maintained for certain levels of students, for some the essential approach is gentle encouragement, hour after hour, day after day. We do it with our hearts: some of our children have been with us for more than 10 years.

As in a family, we cultivate happiness, whether it is through learning, play, bonding and interaction, special events, celebrations.

We believe, as J Krishnamurti put it: “A young child is naturally happy, and if that happiness is allowed to go on and grow in the school, and at home, then he will become a man who will make others happy.”

Finding the future

The baseline we follow is that each child has a biological family and needs to integrate with society. Our efforts are to make them as independent as possible according to ability. And to help these girls and boys become useful members of their family and community.

We train them for the future with appropriate skills. We help them in rehabilitation. Through other social workers we assist them to get jobs. Some of them move on to make families and give back to society.