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Children have an innate sense of dignity. When they come to us at Velugu, even from loving families, more often than not their confidence has been bruised. What we do is quickly begin to restore this sense of self. Next we set tasks: there have to be goals which are right for the individual condition. Putting a ball in the bucket, writing the alphabet, enunciating words their ears are unable to hear. These activities have to be followed with encouragement, not pressure, with love and patience, not criticism. We hold the lives of these children in our hands, and it is our job to teach them the way they can understand and respond.

These children are achievers, each one.

Read some happy stories about children who have let their special abilities shine!


Ms T Gayathri, born in 1993 to a poor family of Thummarakunta Harrjana wada, has been hearing impaired from birth. When she was almost seven years, her father Sri T Sankar and other family members heard about Velugu and admitted her to our Special School. At the time of her joining, she was found to be very dull, inactive, and unresponsive. Our staff gave

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Ms. G. Madhuri was born on 18-02-1991 to Sri G. Gnanamurthy and Smt. G. Radha, residents of Prasanth Nagar, Madanapalle town. Over time the parents realised that the elder daughter’s hearing was impaired though her younger sister was normal. Madhuri was brought to Velugu at the age of seven. Her speech and learning were poor. However, under skilled care and attention her physical and

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Kumara Swamy

K Kumara Swamy, son of K Sree Ramulu of Paraputla Guravapalli village, has reason now to be happy and hopeful. When he was brought to our school by his parents at the age of five in 1995, not only was he deaf and could not talk, but his all round understanding and development was very poor. Belonging to an impoverished family he could not

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Shiva Kumar

S Nandyappa of Kayalavaripalli decided to deposit his young son Shiva Kumar at Velugu when he was about six years old. The child suffered from hearing and speech impairment and his mother had passed away, so Velugu was appointed caretaker. After initial teething problems, the child warmed up to school and learning. He studied from the 1st to 10th class at Velugu, showing steady

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Padmanabha Reddy

The story of G. Padmanabha Reddy is an inspiring one, where the student becomes the teacher! Padmanabha was born in 1988 to the family of a marginal farmer Sri G Ramanna Reddy, in a small village called Diguvapalli. One of two boys, he could not hear from birth though his younger brother Gandhrva was normal. Because of his problem, Padmanabha grew up shy and

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Hari Krishna

Hari Krishna, mentally retarded from birth, is the son of Sri. Ramachandra, living in Cheegalabailu Village, Madanapalle Mandal. This boy was admitted in our special school in 2004 by his parents who had to struggle hard for their daily bread. When Hari Krishna joined he had very few reflexes and reaction. Our holistic and wholesome services, covering education, care, medical services, physiotherapy and other

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Smt. Lakshmi Devi and Sri. Venkata Ramana Reddy found it difficult to cope when their second girl child was born. Revathi was diagnosed as mentally retarded from birth. As a poor family of Papathathagaripalli, Veligallu Post, Peddamandyam Mandal, Chittoor Dist, they could ill afford to take care of her and brought her to our school in 2001. Our systemized education, teaching, caring and treatment

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S. Prasad Reddy

From birth, Prasad Reddy was found to be slow and less active than other boys. However, his parents Ms. S. Vasundhara and S. Chinnapa Reddy of Thungavaripalli Village, H/o Angallu Gram Panchyat, lacking awareness, admitted him to a general school. The poor boy struggled in school till the 5th class, till it was finally understood that he need additional and special attention. His parents

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M. Sunitha

Smt M Subbama and Sri M Venkata Ramana and their two daughters, residents of the colony of Sarkaruthopu near Madanapalli, were a troubled family. Their first girl Jyoti, was born with hearing impairment. The second girl M. Sunitha, born in 1990, was found to have mental retardation. Sunitha was brought to Velugu special school at the age of seven. She was incapable of carrying

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Manoj Kumar

Manoj Kumar, the son of a poor farming couple in village Machampeta in Kadapah District, was leading a sad life. Unable to function in any way, unable to handle even his personal hygiene needs, he was set aside as a mentally retarded by his parents and family. Till the age of seven years his life was a study of neglect. Luckily for Manoj, his

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From being unable to walk or talk, to studying in a regular school

Lavanya belongs to a poor family of farm labourers in Kosuvaripalli village H/o Tamballapalli mandal, Chittoor District. The adults work as daily wagers and can scarce manage two square meals a day. Before she came to us at eight years of age, she had been languishing in a corner, unable to speak or walk properly. Her illiterate parents were unable to attend to her or understand her condition.


When we learnt about Lavanya’s condition, our staff took the initiative and talked to the parents. The parents felt greatly relieved when we admitted her in our special school on 14th March 2009.


Our staff quickly assessed the level of her Mental Retardation. With the help of appropriate educational aids, they began her special education once she was comfortable and adjusted to the new environment.

As days went by, the child Lavanya started responding to our efforts, slowly and steadily. She showed improvement as she was able to attend to her needs and daily activities. She displayed interest to study and was found equally interested in playing a few games. In course of the next 3 years, she improved a lot both in education, behaviour and in extra curricular activities. She participated in the district level sports and games held for the disabled children at Thirupathi during the year 2012, getting first prize in running race.


Observing her steady progress, the girl was admitted to the 4th class in a regular school – Nehru Municipal School – on 14th March 2013. She proved to be very good. The school teachers were impressed by her performance and conduct: they said that Lavanya was no less to any other normal child.


Her parents, who in the past were neglecting the girl, are now quite happy with her sustained development and are proud of her. They say that their daughter is now normal. We monitor her progress with great satisfaction and happiness. We all wish her good luck and a prosperous future.


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