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It was a wonderful experience visiting and spending time with children. I am really impressed by the service rendered by the couple to the neglected sections of the society. It is a really challenging, being handled very well. It needs encouragement, appreciating and all support possible for such a noble cause. I instantly felt like associating myself with this institute in some form or the other. The credibility is very high.

M Ravi Chandra - Project Director, DPAP, Chittoor


I have visited this Institution (“VELUGU”) on 15/12/2001 and I am very much impressed by the organisers’ work in sharing love and care to the needy. They are showing their love and care in spitit and practice but not in words. The organizers are fulfilling the remarkable words expressed by UNIVERSAL MOTHER (Mother Theresa) “Helping hands are better than praying lips”.

I appreciate the organizers and I hope that they will continue and improve.

S Ravindra Babu - Municipal Commissioner


The commitment towards students is so high as it requires dedication without selfish ends, and proficiency in dealing them is remarkable.

B Naresh Kumar Reddy - Municipal Chairperson Madanapalle


This initiative is a wonderful effort in the service of the physically handicapped. I wish the staff all the very best in continued service and appreciate their dedication. The school has been maintained with lot of care and love.

Sunita Das - SC, MPL


“Coming to Velugu School gives me a rare opportunity to see the Special creations of GOD. It is heartening to see that humanity is alive and kicking. I am going back with a heavy heart and stimulated mind. God willing I shall be back with greater contribution for the wonderful, lovely and special creations of nature.”

Siddhart Jain - Assistant Collector, Chittoor


“It is very heartening to observe that the uncontrollable movements and words of the children are absorbed into exhilarating dances and songs of the growing children. Pray God that the Institution grows into a huge institution to take care of the underprivileged lot of Indian society, in this part of a historical city.”

Dr VVG Krishna Moorty - Addl Director