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Ramana_RaoSri. M.V. Ramana Rao, B.Sc
President of Velugu Society, belongs to an eminent family of Madanapalle. Resigned from the Police Department to devote his time for the development of disadvantaged children and aged women. An unassuming person, much appreciated for his exemplary work for society.
Udaya_MohanMr. M. Udaya Mohan Reddy, B.Sc
Chief Functionary, Secretary and Co-Founder of Velugu Society. His commitment and drive for the mission have motivated people from all walks of life, and inspired the staff to give their very best. Lives on campus and attends personally to the needs of children and aged women, working tirelessly and sensitively towards their progress and empowerment.
V_SujathaMs. Y.V. Sujatha, B.Sc
Member of Velugu Society, associated with the institution for 10 years. In addition to monitoring finances, takes an active role in running the special school and connected programs. Has training in Special Education and attends to the needs of each child.
Lasika_ReddyMs. T. N. Lasika Reddy, B.A
Member of Velugu Society. Her late father Sri. T. N. Raghunatha Reddy’s timely support and guidance helped Velugu reach out to many children. Lasika Reddy continues the good work taking an active interest in all matters concerning the children of Velugu.
Dr.T.Pavan Kumar , Santharam Hospital
Who has been with us from the inception of our VELUGU. Always rendering his valuable guidance and assisting in the administration
Raghunath_ReddyMr. N. Raghunath Reddy, B.A
Treasurer of Velugu Society, Progressive farmer who feels concern for the plight of disabled children and destitute elderly women. Has been associated with Velugu since 2006. Garu
Velugu’s representative in various forums. Associated with Velugu for 1 years and very actively involved in running the institution. A committed volunteer, she shares responsibility in executing specific programs and tasks.


Associate Members

Dr. Gopi Krishna, M.B.B.S.

Reputed, energetic medical professional and child specialist. The health care of our special children is close to his heart and he is quick to respond to any requirement. His services are immeasurable and very valuable.

Sri. K.S.S. Prasad, C.A

Well established chartered accountant of Madanapalli town. Has been assisting Velugu since the early days, rendering valuable professional and social services to our special children and institution.

Ms. R. Bhagya Lakshmi, D.Ed.S.E.(M.R)

Stepping in as secretary to Velugu Society after the demise of our dear founder secretary Ms. P. Padmaja, she has been able to fill the void to a very large extent. She is credited for her whole time services to our special children and destitute elderly women.

Dr. A.V. Subba Reddy , M.B.B.S.

Despite his busy professional schedule, he never fails to spare time and services for the aged women residents of our institution.


Sri. K. JAYABHARATH REDDY I.A.S (Retd) Ex. Chief Secretary, Government of A.P, has for long been our mentor and benefactor, playing a pivotal role in the all round development of our special school and society. His promotion of our ideals and mission has influenced many eminent people to come forward with their help. Through his initiative and drive funds and materials were mobilized for the construction of our new integrated campus. Velugu relies on his guidance to move ahead.