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Velugu Society runs a residential Special School for children and an Old Age Home for women in Madanapalle which falls in the drought prone district of Chittoor, Rayalaseema Zone, Andhra Pradesh, India. A registered, charitable, non-profit service institution, we have been continuously serving the poor and underprivileged people of this largely agrarian region since 1997.

Currently we have under our care 145 children with different physical and mental developmental disabilities as well as 52 deaf children. We are also a home to 50 women seniors between the ages of 60 to 85 years.

Our services are provided free of cost. We do not have much government or institutional support and depend largely on donations from the local population, philanthropists and a few corporates. The little government aid we receive is limited to use for mentally challenged children.

Services for Special Children

Children upward of three years of age are brought to us by their parents or social workers. Some of them are in a neglected state of health when they arrive.

We provide appropriate and holistic education, residential facilities, clothing, food, recreation. Health care is a major service, covering surgery, prosthetics, aids, rehabilitation, counselling. Depending on the student, we plan further education, employment, integration with mainstream life, including return to the biological family.

For day students, we arrange free food, clothing and transportation facilities.

Services for Elders

Giving shelter to old women, mainly widows abandoned by families, emerged as a corollary to the school initiative. The women are provided food, clothing, accommodation, health services, recreation. Productive activities are suggested depending on individual inclination and ability.

Certified by the Government

Velugu is a fully certified society, compliant with Indian Government rules and regulations for tax exemption and other benefits as a Non-Profit Organisation. See certificates>

The Society covers the following areas or mandals:

  • Madanapalle Rural & Urban
  • B. Kothakota
  • Kurabala kota
  • Vayalpad
  • Nimmanapalli
  • Peddamandyam
  • Gurram Konda
  • P.T.M
  • Thamballapalli
  • Mulakala cheruvu